july, she will fly

by peach1997



Ah! I haven’t written in some weeks now! I finally went on me and my friends long awaited vacation that we’ve saved up for for a year and we went to a city by Croatia’s coast! It was so much fun and I’m filled only with love for my friends. We walked around an awful lot, visiting churches, cathedrals, buildings and architecture from the ancient roman empire and hiking in mountains while looking at the view and just sitting by the sea and watching the sun’s last rays dancing on the waves. And we ate a lot.
It was so fun and exciting. But it’s nice to be home again!

It’s raining outside. I love rain. I can’t wait for autumn. I’ve actually started playing christmas songs already.. Ah! And I cant wait for halloween! Spring and summer can be nice but it is the latter part of the year that I enjoy the most. I think especially in autumn I’m in my element, I’ve always felt that. I really wanna wear my autumn/winter coats, boots, neck and face buried in a warm and cozy scarf! And cool, fresh autumn air – ah!

I’m pretty tired so I’m going to end this entry with a playlist as always and then continue on drinking my tea.

Comme si comme ça-mood-playlist;
Kaliforniens guld – Ted Gärdestad
Maybe you’re right – Cat Stevens
April come she will – Simon & Garfunkel
I’d like to walk around in your mind – Vashti Bunyan
Moonlight – Safe Word
I hear the dead – Dolly Spartans
I’m so blue – CLAIRO & P.H.F.
Fakin’ it – Simon & Garfunkel
Ruby tuesday – The Rolling Stones (the instrumental ver. also!)
Venus in furs – The Velvet Underground
Lou – Coralie Clement
Here before – Vashti Bunyan
Come give me love – Ted Gärdestad

I’ll try to write soon.

As always,