maybe someday, i’ll share your little distant cloud



Aah it was such spring-weather today! Sunshine gently warming your cheeks, birds chirping in the trees, crocuses and other flowers of spring decorating the grass that is slowly recovering from the winter. I went on a long walk with my dog and the area where me and my dog walk around in is really very picturesque and the sunshine made the water glimmer and glitter and cooling breezes of ocean wind brushed through my hair. This sounds really corny. But really, it’s with nature I belong, on the shorelines, in the mountains and in the forests.

I’m currently home from uni because I’m supposed to be writing an essay that I’m supposed to turn in tomorrow, but me being the stupid procrastinator that I am I haven’t actually begun writing it. Even better, I realized about forty minutes ago that you’re supposed to take help from a book to write the essay, a book that I don’t have. Sooo I’m going to have to bullshit my way through this essay and hope no one notices (something that I have to admit is my only talent besides remembering random facts about the importance of pets for ancient roman families or something of a similar nature).

Mini playlist for my spring-y mood today:
Dream a little dream of me – The Mama’s and the Papa’s
You send me – Aretha Franklin
It ain’t me babe – Nancy Sinatra
Oogum boogum song – Brenton Wood (!)
Wonderin’ – The Squires
The 59th street bridge song (feelin’ groovy) – Simon & Garfunkel
Ode to the wind – Danny and the Counts
Share your love – Aretha Franklin
My cherie amour – Stevie Wonder (!)

Now I’m gonna enjoy my cup of tea and watch Poirot. My favorite is Miss Marple but they’ve removed the episodes from the tv subscription service from where I watched them before because the time limit they have for providing the series run out. I’m genuinely upset. Anyway..
I’ll write soon.

As always,