sun, sun, sun, here it comes

by peach1997



It’s already the end of March and soon the beginning of April, it’s gone by so quickly! Spring has started to blossom and now there’s crocuses everywhere, birds chirping in the trees and sunshine peeking through after what feels like an eternal sleep. Although, as of me writing this, it’s 2 degrees celsius and sleet (is this a correct translation? what I mean is snowy rain!). Typical swedish spring in other words! It alternates between sunshine and warmth and snow and coldness in a matter of days or in some cases even hours (!), and it can do so all the way through April. Very frustrating.

I’ve been feeling pretty ok the last couple of weeks, I think it’s the appearance of the sun and the reawakening of nature that helped me. When I go on walks with my dog around where I live I’m constantly stopping by crocuses and telling my dog to look at them! She either ignores me, tries to eat them or starts randomly barking at nothing to disrupt me because she finds it boring to stand still and wants to keep walking.

Something I’ve always pondered about from now and again is that I’ve always connected emotionally to music and songs sometimes in ways that would almost seem like I’ve experienced things in connection to them that I never actually have, like with some songs I get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for something I’ve never experienced, odd isn’t it? Or is it common maybe? It could be because I’m a scorpio, since we along with water signs in general tend to be very empathetic and sensitive to emotional auras surrounding people and other creatures, it’s easy for us to connect on a deep emotional level with certain creative mediums, for scorpios it tends to be music.
I would consider myself a relatively rational or realistic person in many aspects but I do believe in astrology (in healthy measure!) and I find solace in it, and I’m really fascinated by it.

Here’s a mini spring-playlist of the songs that are most recently played in my music library!

Dream A Little Dream of Me – The Mama’s and the Papa’s
You Send Me – Aretha Franklin
Daydream – The Lovin’ Spoonful
Julia – The Beatles
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – Simon & Garfunkel
Good Times (stereo ver.) – The Rolling Stones
Little Girl – The Illusions
Apple Scruffs – George Harrison
My Best Friend – Jefferson Airplane
Downtown – Marianne Faithfull
Blue Eyes – Don Partridge
On Se Plait – Françoise Hardy
Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

This was a really messy entry but that’s how my mind has been the last couple of days, but not a bad messy, just a light and airy messy! I’m going to go make some tea soon in time for The Great British Bake Off (I looooove that show!) and then read some before I go to sleep, I’ve been awfully tired these last couple of days.
I’ll try to remember to write soon.

As always,