unexpected but heartwarming message from a subway chauffeur in rush hour?

by peach1997

An old photo of me. (took this with my phone of the photo on the computer, which explains the weird angle and giant head)

When I was riding the subway home this evening something nice happened. It was jam packed on the subway (rush hour) and when all passengers, including me, stepped on the subway the chauffeur talked in the speakers and said the usual “We’re heading this way” “Please make room for oncoming passengers bla bla bla” and it was really nothing special. However after that he said “- and please take your time to smile at the person sitting next to you, it might brighten up their day” and this made me really happy inside. Maybe because the chauffeurs on the subway usually sound pretty tired and fed up, and maybe because what he said was true. Just a simple smile from you, can make the person sitting in front of you smile back and feel happy after a stressful day at work or just a really rough time in their life. Just a smile, and a persons day could be brightened up. I think that’s something to think about.