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Julia, a 20 y/o girl from stockholm, sweden. weak for pastries, old records and peaches. this is like a diary i write in once in a while when i feel the need to. tumblr: @pearlpill

Month: October, 2014

demonstrating my devil horns

Bild 2014-10-18 kl. 20.32 #4

Bild 2014-10-18 kl. 20.25 #6

Bild 2014-10-18 kl. 20.25 #5

So looking at the photos you can obviously see that I’m (however not my cat) exited for Halloween. I’ve literally been counting days. Not even kidding. I’ve been prepping for it by watching Tim Burton movie’s (because let’s be real, October is the Tim Burton-movies-month) and buying Halloween decorations, including the devil horns I demonstrate in the photos above.


unexpected but heartwarming message from a subway chauffeur in rush hour?

An old photo of me. (took this with my phone of the photo on the computer, which explains the weird angle and giant head)

When I was riding the subway home this evening something nice happened. It was jam packed on the subway (rush hour) and when all passengers, including me, stepped on the subway the chauffeur talked in the speakers and said the usual “We’re heading this way” “Please make room for oncoming passengers bla bla bla” and it was really nothing special. However after that he said “- and please take your time to smile at the person sitting next to you, it might brighten up their day” and this made me really happy inside. Maybe because the chauffeurs on the subway usually sound pretty tired and fed up, and maybe because what he said was true. Just a simple smile from you, can make the person sitting in front of you smile back and feel happy after a stressful day at work or just a really rough time in their life. Just a smile, and a persons day could be brightened up. I think that’s something to think about.

i just like my star wars shirt

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Yesterday night I rewatched Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging (for like the fifteenth time) and it’s still as good as it was when I was eleven. One of my favorite scenes is probably when Georgia is stuck as a babysitter to her little sister and has to take her with her to the pool where she was going to meet Robbie, Jas and Tom and when she introduces her little sister she starts to lick Robbies hand and Georgia’s like “Libby, stop licking Robbie! – She thinks she’s part cat.”. I don’t know, I just find it very entertaining.

Oh and I am wearing my Star Wars shirt today. Just wanted you to know that.

it’s like the apocalypse finally (?) has come

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Bild 2014-10-07 kl. 19.24 #4

It’s been raining like crazy here, as soon as you step outside you get soaking wet after circa four seconds. Anyway, I just got done doing my french-homework, I was supposed to record myself describing furnitures and it’s colors in my room for two minutes. Ah, so awkward.

° lucite tokki (루싸이트 토끼) – last night in my dream °


Lucite Tokki (or 루싸이트 토끼 in korean, “tokki” means rabbit) is a female indie-duo consisting of Cho YeJin (vocal and keyboard) and Kim SunYoung (guitar). Yejin is on the right and SunYoung on the left. My favorite song from them is Last Night In My Dream, it’s really dreamy (…) and relaxing. You find yourself floating away from reality.

the only thing missing is blonde hair and a beautiful face


I’ve had bangs (full fringe) probably three times by now and I always end up growing tired of it fast since my hair naturally isn’t made for bangs and wanting it back after half a year. And so, again, I want a full fringe. The goal is to look like Nico (a 60’s goddess basically), however that probably isn’t very realistic, or is it? Just gotta dye my hair platinum blonde and magically become beautiful. No big deal.

she’s going to smile to make you frown, what a clown

Bild 2014-10-05 kl. 13.19 #2

So I’ve been listening to The Velvet Underground. I like them. One of their songs that I like the most is I’m Sticking With You, it’s a very pretty and I guess cute song? At the last part of the song when Lou Reed sings “I’ll do anything for you, anything you want me to, I’m sticking with you” makes me wish I had someone that said that to me.

Funny how I quoted Femme Fatale in the title but wrote about another song, totally makes sense Julia.

a love once new has now grown old



I think my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song is probably “April Come She Will“. It’s just perfect. Of course there sooo many good songs from them, but I think this is my favorite.

fall thoughts

Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 20.22

Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 20.22 #7

So I guess you can say that it’s now fall with the leaves turning brown, orange, yellow and red. Soon it’s Halloween, which is something I’ve looked forward to since about a year. And jesus christ I can’t stop focusing on my nose, it looks so weird. But, hey, what can you do when you’re not photogenic?

° Belle Epoque (벨 에포크) – You Are Like Me (나와 같은 너) °

digipak2pannel_ Belle+Epoque+Belle+Epoque_instruments

Belle Epoque is a k-indie duo consisting of Cho Eun Ah (female vocalist) and Choi Kyung Hoon (instruments). They debuted in 2008 with the album “Sundays” (“일요일들” in korean) and on that album the song listed in the title is featured, “You Are Like Me” (“나와 같은 너” in korean).
I really like this song and their songs in general, but I thought I’d recommend this particular song because it’s so bright and calming.