OOTD & Friday fun

by peach1997

Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 18.40 #3Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 18.40 #2
(and what I mean by “friday fun” I mean stuffing myself with milkchocolate.)

First off, the pictures above show what I wore today. Nothing special really, but I thought I would include it anyway.
Today is friday and that means yay! School went alright, but you know.. it could be more fun. Oh and in social science we are currently writing an motion on a certain topic depending on in which committee we have been assigned to, and I sit next to a girl in my class that..hmm..how should I say this.. aren’t the brightest of stars? She turned to me and asked, in all seriousness, how to spell “through” (“igenom” in swedish, a very easy word to spell since you spell it pretty much as it sounds).
But I guess I shouldn’t make fun of her since that sort of thing happens, you forget how things are spelled and that’s okay.

Anyway, later tonight I’m going to stuff myself full of chocolate and watch Miranda, also know as The best show that has ever been made.