° Yozoh °

by peach1997

(from Tumblr)

I’m still listening to k-indie if you wanted to know! Although it’s not as much as before, it’s still frequently. I still have a deep love for it and I seriously doubt that’s going to change, haha.
Ok so onto what I was actually going to talk about..
So let me present to you, the queen of k-indie, Yozoh!
She’s been in the game for quite some years now and even people that aren’t so familiar with k-indie as a genre, still know one or two songs by her. That might depend on the fact that she’s done a lot of soundtracks for k-dramas, one of them being my absolute favorite k-drama ever, Love Rain (you should check it out, it’s such a good, bright, cozy and intriguing drama, plus the male and female lead are both gorgeous..). The song she did for that drama became very popular and many people have that song to thank for discovering k-indie, including me.
She has a very soothing and feminine voice and she’s great live.
Here’s a few of my favorite songs by her:
Again & Again (this is the one from “Love Rain”)
Oh Lonely
Banana Party
연애는 어떻게 하는 거였더라 (can’t find an english translation for the name)
The Selfish
Tokyo Girl
Forgotten Sorrow

– and there’s so much more good songs from her.