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Julia, a 20 y/o girl from stockholm, sweden. weak for pastries, old records and peaches. this is like a diary i write in once in a while when i feel the need to. tumblr: @pearlpill

Month: September, 2014

° Elena – White March °

Skärmavbild 2014-09-26 kl. 19.44.13

The original title of the song is “하얀색 행진곡” but I’m pretty sure the english name for it is “White March”.
Her vocals are wonderful and the song’s really relaxing. “Say Hello to Every Summer” is beautiful as well.


OOTD & Friday fun

Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 18.40 #3Bild 2014-09-26 kl. 18.40 #2
(and what I mean by “friday fun” I mean stuffing myself with milkchocolate.)

First off, the pictures above show what I wore today. Nothing special really, but I thought I would include it anyway.
Today is friday and that means yay! School went alright, but you know.. it could be more fun. Oh and in social science we are currently writing an motion on a certain topic depending on in which committee we have been assigned to, and I sit next to a girl in my class should I say this.. aren’t the brightest of stars? She turned to me and asked, in all seriousness, how to spell “through” (“igenom” in swedish, a very easy word to spell since you spell it pretty much as it sounds).
But I guess I shouldn’t make fun of her since that sort of thing happens, you forget how things are spelled and that’s okay.

Anyway, later tonight I’m going to stuff myself full of chocolate and watch Miranda, also know as The best show that has ever been made. 

Robbery, bomb threats & rain?


Quite a dramatic caption right?

Today has been pretty nice, it has been raining a lot the last couple of days (not that I mind) and today was no exception. I only had two classes today as well, one being 1 1/2 h (swedish) and the other one being 2 1/2 h (international relations) and in the last mentioned we actually watched a movie, Hotel Rwanda. I truly recommend it, it’s an important movie.

After eating lunch I headed home but as I rushed in to the subway station to catch my subway they were announcing that part of the green line, which I take, was closed down on the order of police. Fortunately it was in the opposite direction I was going so it didn’t really affect me but I looked it up in the newspaper while on the subway and apparently there had been a series of robberies in the south of the city and the robbers had left behind things that could have been bombs in the places they had robbed. So they had closed down the whole area surrounding it.
After all of that I continued heading home and I almost always try to catch the bus that leaves from the subway station I step off of (actually the final destination) so I don’t have to walk home. However it’s quite hard to match since the subway doesn’t always match the time of the bus so when it actually does, it’s hallelujah. Today it was actually matching and since it was very rainy, windy and cold, I quite looked forward to taking the bus. But I missed it. By seconds literally. I was running to catch the bus and had one minute to do so (the subway turned out to be late again) and right as I ran across the corner I saw the bus driving off, so I had the option of either waiting 30 minutes for another bus or walk 20 minutes to get home in the freezing, rainy and windy weather. I chose to walk. Well at least I got my exercise?
Wow, it’s almost ridiculous how long it took me to get to the point of this whole blog post, heh.
Anyway, I will be posting as much as I can and I wish whoever reads this to have a nice day, night or whatever it is for you at the moment.

° Yozoh °

(from Tumblr)

I’m still listening to k-indie if you wanted to know! Although it’s not as much as before, it’s still frequently. I still have a deep love for it and I seriously doubt that’s going to change, haha.
Ok so onto what I was actually going to talk about..
So let me present to you, the queen of k-indie, Yozoh!
She’s been in the game for quite some years now and even people that aren’t so familiar with k-indie as a genre, still know one or two songs by her. That might depend on the fact that she’s done a lot of soundtracks for k-dramas, one of them being my absolute favorite k-drama ever, Love Rain (you should check it out, it’s such a good, bright, cozy and intriguing drama, plus the male and female lead are both gorgeous..). The song she did for that drama became very popular and many people have that song to thank for discovering k-indie, including me.
She has a very soothing and feminine voice and she’s great live.
Here’s a few of my favorite songs by her:
Again & Again (this is the one from “Love Rain”)
Oh Lonely
Banana Party
연애는 어떻게 하는 거였더라 (can’t find an english translation for the name)
The Selfish
Tokyo Girl
Forgotten Sorrow

– and there’s so much more good songs from her.

I’m back!

Bild 2014-09-13 kl. 17.40 #3

Wow. Hello?

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been active on this blog. I don’t even think anyone reads my blog anymore, because, what do they have to read that they haven’t already read? Since I haven’t been here in more than a year. That’s a long time.
I’ve turned sixteen, I’m actually going to turn seventeen in about two months or so, and gymnasium is going well (remember when I posted that I was scared to bits about starting gymnasium?).
I’ve really missed writing and posting on this blog. Really. It made me happy. Oh and I was so scared that I’d forgotten my password, but luckily I remembered it, phew! I really didn’t want to start a new blog, I love my name and I didn’t want all the memories to disappear. So yay me!?
I am quite busy with school but I will really pay attention to this blog, since I care about it so much. Even if it’s just something small everyday, I will take time for it. I promise.