pleine lune

Julia, a 20 y/o girl from stockholm, sweden. weak for pastries, old records and peaches. this is like a diary i write in once in a while when i feel the need to. tumblr: @pearlpill

Month: August, 2013






I took a late-night-walk yesterday and the sunset was so pretty. I just love going on walks by myself, even though I’m extremely paranoid (always have, will always be) and cautious I feel very relaxed going on walks alone, which is quite wierd.






Went a little bit crazy because tomorrow is the first day of “gymnasiet” (swedish schoolsystem). Yay.

So tomorrow my new class/school will have a “kick off” in a movie theatre, I have no idea why we have a “kick off” in a movie theatre but well well, at 10:00am so right now I am about to have a nervous breakdown and go insane. I’m so exited, I can’t wait!
Well, not so sure about that.



I’ve been obsessed with Avril Lavigne’s old songs, I usually don’t listen to her but I got wierd (surprise surprise everyone) and began to listen to all her songs. To be honest, she is actually good, there is a version of her song called “I wish you were here”, the one at “Walmart Check” or something and her high notes at the end, I think I’ve replayed it atleast 35 times now and… I have no regrets.


Me, my dad and my younger brother went to Marbella, Malága, Spain for a couple of days, mom couldn’t come since she had to be at her art exhibition (I had to look the word up at Google Translate so I’m not sure if it’s correct or sounds funny.. , oh and mom is a painter/artist) so she couldn’t come. But it was nice, just a bit too hot. And me being me I didn’t get any sort of tan, I’m still as transparent as before the trip.